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Updates from University Counseling- Including Expectations for Premieres, the Gala, and Scheduling Appointments

University Counseling Newsletter - May 10th, 2017

In This Newsletter:

-   Greetings

-   Morning Meeting for Parents 5.17.17

-   College Night 5.22.17

-   Upcoming Local University Events

-   Scheduling Meetings

-   Expectations and Information by Class


Greetings Students and Families-


Please take a moment to read a very important edition of our newsletter, as there are many events coming in the next few weeks that are going to be critical for some of you. It’s hard to believe that I am beginning my fourth month here at Rochambeau. In such a short time, so much has happened. We have tested, scheduled meetings, you have laughed, cried or perhaps BOTH, in my office…  I danced at our Gala, did yoga with Girls Rising, and I am signed up for French lessons this spring!


I am so happy to be here, and I am so inspired by the dedication you put forward every day; as students and as young adults. I spend many of my evenings thinking about new activities we can offer you, how I can support you better, and how to make this process FUN, EXCITING and ENJOYABLE for you.  I came into Rochambeau and hit the ground running… now that I am settling in, my sleeves are rolled up and your energy is inspiring me at every turn. THANK YOU.


I promise you: I will work as HARD AS YOU DO to help you achieve your dreams. I can’t do this process for you, but I can certainly guide, support and assist. The more we work together, the smoother this process will go for you, and the more confident you will be with college planning. Please read on for all of the events coming in the months of May and June… I sincerely hope that you will attend every possible one. I am here to help prepare you.


No matter what year you are in now, my door is always open to you. Feel free to come in with questions, to say hi, or if you just need an ear. If you want to be sure we have dedicated time, please continue to use the dedicated counseling scheduler to be sure I’m free when you want to sit down:


I want to see you all successful and reaching goals you set for yourself.




Ashley Cole

University Counselor


Morning Meeting for Parents-

Our morning meeting for parents will be on Wed. May 17th at 8:30 AM. This month’s topic is How to Promote Yourself to Universities. We will be discussing the college application resume/ activity sheet. We will also discuss the importance/ reason for interviews, campus visits, and communicating with the universities in person, by email, and by phone. If your student is planning to apply to highly selective institutions, this is going to be a critical piece of the application process. Large conference room, Administration Building.


College Night at Rochambeau-


May 23rd, 6PM (lycee auditorium will open at 5:45). Parents recently received an invitation by email about college night. Please join me as I give a general overview of the admissions process, discuss important timelines and dates, what your expectations should be of the University Counselor and Registrar, and what will be expected of you. We will discuss myths and debunk them, we will explore some college data, and I will discuss what you need to do this year, next year or beyond to get into the school of your choice. It is a VERY important event for Premieres and parents who are planning to apply to schools in the US, Canada and UK, and I wanted to extend the invitation to all students as many have come in to discuss early planning, which is fantastic.


We need to have a little fun too… so we will be starting a new tradition at college night this year (I can’t give you all the surprises but please, bring your school spirit!). I look forward to personally shaking hands with each of you, and we have to practice those handshakes for when you meet admissions reps. I’ll see you at the door!



“Take a College Road Trip” With Your University Counselor-


I will be leaving for NYC very early tomorrow for a day-long event at NYU, and will also be visiting the New School, Columbia University and Barnard College. I’m armed with an iPad and will be sharing details of the trip with you. When you see this email, please take some time to read it, especially if you are interested in any of these schools, never heard of these schools, or have an interest in studying in NYC. I am fortunate to be able to travel out to gather updates, stay on top of trends in admissions, and explore these campuses. I am excited to represent Rochambeau and network with admissions staff. Please take advantage of this benefit as well, because I will be turning this information over to you so we are all learning and navigating together. While I am gone, I will be on campuses all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will check emails throughout the day and will respond as soon as I am able. I will be back in my office on Monday morning, May 15th.



Universities Coming to the Local Area for Information Sessions



An Evening with University of Cambridge – MAY 18- at the British International School

The University of Cambridge is one of the world's greatest universities, providing a challenging, flexible and individual learning experience. Consistently rated at the top of national and international league tables, many of our degree courses encompass several subjects, starting off broadly before becoming increasingly focused in later years.

As a 'collegiate' university, Cambridge is made up of various faculties and departments in different academic subjects, and a number of Colleges. Students, as well as being a member of the University and a faculty/department, also belong to a smaller College community. This system offers a huge amount of pastoral and academic support for each student, providing a place for them to live, study and socialise. One of the advantages of studying at Cambridge is our emphasis on small-group tuition, known as 'supervisions', in addition to lectures, practicals and seminars. Supervisions allow students to explore course material and new approaches in greater depth, while getting regular, individual feedback.


There are limited spaces available to attend and you must register in advance All 70 seats for the British School are filled, and those for us are filling quickly. Our students and families have been invited to attend by the British International School. I will be attending. If you mentioned Cambridge and it is on your list, I expect to see you there! It is in DC, about a 25-30 minute drive, but you should be able to get there for the 6PM start (even if you are a few minutes late). You can register here. At the time of this newsletter only 89 tickets remain for non BISW students and families:


An Evening with Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley, Vanderbilt University- JUNE 4- JW Marriott Washington DC

Admissions representatives from the schools above will be hosting an admissions information session on June 4th in Washington DC.  These are five highly selective universities and it would benefit you in the admissions process to attend this event. They will also be in Baltimore the following evening. Many of you have named these as schools of interest. I will also be attending this event. If you are planning to apply to these schools, I’d strongly recommend you attend their event. I’ll see you there. Register here:



Updates by Class:



-   If you haven’t already, please send me your university decision worksheet letting us know your college admission decisions and where you will be attending (for US/ UK/ Canada)


-   Please respond to my email from yesterday if you are interested in participating


-   GOOD LUCK on exams!




Essay Writing Workshop for Premieres

-   I am very happy to see such extreme interest in the Essay Writing Workshop that Mme Finney and I will be leading in June. We have only one remaining slot. If you signed up and are not able/ not planning to be present at ALL FIVE sessions that week, please let me know so we can make your slot available to another student. It is important to attend all of them to get the true benefit of the workshop and each day will fold into the next day’s topic. Sign Up Here:


-   If you haven’t already, make an appointment with me to discuss your college plans before you leave for summer



-   It’s been great having you and your families in my office to discuss your preliminary college plans. Many of you exude passion about the college process and that is fantastic. Some of you are still navigating and figuring out a potential path (which is also VERY GOOD). We are going to have a wonderful year together as we move through the process. Keep coming to see me, keep me updated on your plans and accomplishments and start thinking about how you are going to prepare yourself for the large amount of time, energy and focus that will be required to achieve admission to your first choice school. Please plan to attend college night on May 23rd, it will be geared toward your group as you will be the next to apply. I will be sharing a lot of information about timelines, expectations, and what you need to be doing. 


-   There will be an SAT date on August 26th this year (previously it was September). The following exam is in October. If you have a busy summer register for the exam now so it is on your calendar.  Registration deadline is July 28th. I strongly suggest the August date, especially if you have not tested yet and know you will need it, or if you are planning to apply Early Decision or Early Action to any schools so that scores are in on time.


-   Visit some universities this summer if you can… the best way to know if you like a campus is to experience it for yourself. Do not rely on rankings to guide your choices. YOU need to be excited about the universities.





-   Please come to College Night on May 23rd if you are interested in learning about what to expect in the coming years. I’d be thrilled to see you there.


-   If you have any free time this summer, consider visiting a university or two so you can see what to expect for when you really start your search.


College Counseling Updates

  • Upcoming University Visits
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Expectations for Première Students
  • AP Exam Registration is CLOSED – stay tuned
  • Morning Meeting for Parents – April 12 at 8:30AM
  • Gala Auction Item from University Counseling
  • Out of the Office in April



Dear Students and Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend now that daylight is lasting longer and the snow has melted! As spring has arrived, our weather ahead looks promising. This is always a busy time for those going through the college process. Some of you are awaiting decisions to colleges, universities, summer programs, scholarship programs and more. Many of you will be visiting universities, or starting to have the conversations about college lists and places to visit. Regardless of where you are in the process, I’m excited to work with you.


Upcoming University Visits:

March 31st- University of Ottawa

April 3rd- University of Glasgow

Both will be at 12:30 and will take place in the large conference room on the 2nd floor of the administration building. Please attend if you are interested in either university. Bring your lunch and any questions for the representatives!

Scheduling Appointments

As many of you are beginning to request appointments, I decided that the most efficient way for us to meet and arrange meeting times is through a dedicated online scheduler. This scheduler will be linked here, on our counseling website and on the blog. As it is very important for me to meet with Premiere students and their families first, I would like only Premiere Students and Parents to schedule appointments up until the Spring Break on April 17th. After this, all students and families can begin to schedule. If you are not a Premiere but have pressing issues, please let me know. I know many are applying to summer programs and other activities. I’m always here to help, but it is very important to prioritize private appointments with Premiere students at this time.

The appointment scheduler is open one month in advance to make appointments. Each month I will add in the available slots for meeting times. As this is a new practice for our office, please let me know if you have any feedback and we can make improvements as we go. I think this method will be very helpful for our parents who have work schedules and want to book quickly and see all available options. I’m considering doing some extended or evening hours during the spring so that I can accommodate all families who want to meet, but these will be limited and we can discuss this as necessary. The scheduler is here, and just click on “Book Now” to see the time slots that are available. I hope you enjoy using it:


Expectations for Première Students

Premières and parents: It is very important that you come in to meet with me before the end of the school year. As I stated about appointments, I’m giving you priority up until break to schedule with me so we can discuss your plans. As I will be writing many of your recommendation letters over the summer, the better I get to know you and what you want in your college experience, the better recommendation I can provide. So by the end of the year, and preferably in April, we should meet if we haven’t already.


What you need to do now:

1. Book an appointment through the scheduler (you can always walk in with questions but we need to set aside a dedicated time to discuss your plans)

2.  I am working on a short questionnaire that will help me get useful information about you. Once I send this out, please fill it out and return it to me, it will save time during our meetings to actually discuss your questions and concerns

3. Start (if you haven’t already), making a list of schools you are interested in. This does not need to be final, but we need a starting point. If you have no idea, think about majors, locations, types of universities you may be interested in and we can work from there.

4. Attend College Night in May- this date will be released in the next newsletter

5. Let me know if you have any questions or trouble booking a time.

AP Exam Registration is CLOSED – stay tuned!

If you registered for the AP exams you will get a confirmation this week. Registration is now closed. If you did not get an AP Bulletin booklet yet, and would like one please stop by my office to pick one up. It tells you what to expect on test day. After the confirmations, as we approach test dates in May, I will confirm rooms and schedule information for you as well.

Morning Meeting for Parents – April 12 at 8:30AM

Figuring Out the True Cost of College: Parents, please join me on April 12th to discuss financing the college degree. We will discuss the costs associated with US, UK and Canadian schools as well as the differences between financial aid and scholarships. I will be working on a powerpoint presentation to share this morning as well. I hope you can join me!


Gala and Counseling Auction Item

The annual Gala is quickly approaching and I wanted to let you know that this year the University Counseling Office will be participating!


The University Counseling Office is proud to offer a one-on-one day with your university counselor. In the DC area you will select two universities to visit together and have lunch on one of the campuses. 

You will choose two of the following universities for this Day: 
American University 
Catholic University 
George Mason University 
George Washington University 
Georgetown University 
Howard University 
Johns Hopkins University 
University of Maryland 

You are welcome to bring your parents/ family if you choose; it’s your day! 

The University Counselor will accompany you on the official visits and tours and will point out things to look for, how to get the most from campus visits, what types of questions to ask, and more. 

Transportation will depend on the location of the schools you choose (Metro, Uber, etc). 

The day is valid for one year following the Gala - until April 30, 2018. The visit day must be schedule during a scheduled day off from school (Spring Break, Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Holidays, other days off). 

Two of these packages are available and this package will be offered to the TWO highest bidders. Each winner will have his/her own day and will not be sharing with the other winner. Please click here for details:


I will be attending the Gala and hope to see many of you there! This is a “bid now” item, so you can still bid on it if you are unable to attend. Please let me know if you have any questions about the visit package.


The Gala website is here:


Out of the Office in April

I will be out of the office visiting universities for counselor programs on April 3rd and 4th in Philadelphia. If you foresee needing me on either day, please be sure to come in the week before. I will return on April 5th.



Posted by Ms. Ashley Cole on Wednesday May, 10


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