Admissions Procedures

Rochambeau admits qualified students of all nationalities, race, origin, or economic status to all the, programs and activities made available to the students by the school.  The admissions office reviews applications on a rolling basis, beginning in January for the following school year.  Priority is given to applicants applying before February.  After that date, applications will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis, based on availability.   

Acceptance decisions for applicants having applied before the February deadline will be communicated beginning March. 

Re-enrollment for students opens after the board has validated the tuition and transportation fees for the following school year.  Rochambeau reserves the right to deny continued enrollment or re-enrollment to any student in accordance with the Annual Tuition and Fees Contract. 

Below is an outline of the application process and the documents required for all new students.

Please provide us with your contact information so we may assist with the admission process: 

Is my Child Eligible?

The admissions process starts with understanding if your child is eligible to apply in terms of age and language requirements.

Minimum age requirements for Preschool and Elementary School

The French Education system runs on the calendar year. With the exception of early pre-school, students must be 3-years old by December 31 to enter into Pre-school at the start of the academic year. Children entering the early pre-school must be 2-years old at the start of the academic year, or before September 1st.

Please review the chart that will help you determine to which grade your child should apply.

Applying to French Grade   

American Grade


Must turn age  



Early Pre-school













































If you are applying from a non-French school that does not have the same age requirements, the final grade will be determined by the student assessment, teacher evaluations, and report cards.

Language Prerequisites

Rochambeau offers the French curriculum with a strong native-level English component. Children will be learning in two languages and exposed to different pedagogical methods. This enriching, yet ambitious objective means that the student and his/her family must be highly motivated and open-minded, ready to take on the challenges of Rochambeau's pedagogical philosophy.  Please see the different French language requirements per level below.

French Immersion Program

At Rochambeau, we offer a unique program to extend our bilingual and bicultural advantage to children who do not speak French or have a limited knowledge of the language.

As of age 2, non-French speaking children can enter directly into the 1st four years of preschool in our bilingual program, or starting in 1st grade and up to 3rd grade, student can integrate a specially adapted French Immersion program.

For more information: Experience/Elementary/French Immersion or contact us by filling out an inquiry form and attend an Open House. 

Submit an Application

The application is a two-part process and all documents are to be submitted online. Rochambeau accepts applications after that date on a rolling admissions basis. Priority will be given to families with siblings already enrolled at Rochambeau.  There is a $100 non-refundable application fee per student which is to be paid online with a bank card. 

PART I: Application form



PART II: Upload required documents to complete the admissions application: Document upload  

  • A recent photo of your child
  • Scan of your child's birth certificate or a valid passport
  • A letter of motivation by the parents outlining the reasons for applying to Rochambeau and your desired start date. 
  • A scan of your child's current year and previous year's report cards or evaluation reports. 
  • If your child is applying for 8th through 12th grade, and is currently not in a French or AEFE accredited school, he/she must submit a personal motivation letter in French
  • If your child is applying for 11th (1ère) through 12th grade (Terminale), 8th (4ème) and 9th (3ème) grade report cards are required.
  • If you child is applying for the OIB program in Lycée (10th-12th grade) one or two critical literary or creative writing compositions of around 250 words corrected by this year's English teacher
  • Report cards are not required for Maternelle (Nursery, Pre-K, K) if the student is not attending school or the nursery/pre-school does not issue a report card, however a recommendation form must submitted by an caretaker or the school attending.
Once we have received all the required documents and the recommendation forms sent by your teachers, we may contact you to organize an evaluation (see Required Student Evaluations and Assessments below)

 To identify documents requirement per grade level   




Recommendation forms

Recommendation Forms


If you are currently enrolled in a French accredited school (AEFE or school in France), you do not need to submit a recommendation form, unless you do not have a student report card for the current year available at the time of the application.  

If you are currently enrolled in non-French school or a school not accredited by the French Education Ministry, you must have your teacher submit a recommendation form.  
To identify requirement per grade level: 


Please see below for the different recommendation forms per level.

- If applying to Nursery/Preschool /K, one recommendation form is required by the main teacher or caretaker (daycare, extracurricular activity...): Maternelle form

- If applying to 1st through 5th grade, one recommendation form is required from: Grades 1-5

- If applying to 6th through 10th grade, two recommendations forms are required (one in Math and one for English or French teacher): Grades 6-10

- If applying to 11th or 12th grade, please refer to chart to see requirements based on series (Literature, Sciences or Social Sciences): Grades 11-12

- For all students applying to the International Option of the French Baccelauréat (OIB) in 10-12th grade, one recommendation from English teacher: OIB recommendation

The recommendation forms should be sent directly to the admissions office by the teacher - these forms are not to be uploaded in with the online application.  

Required Student Evaluations and Assessments

• All students coming from a school accredited by the French Ministry of Education (Schools in France, AEFE, RMLF) are accepted based on their school records. Rochambeau reserves the right on a case by case basis to offer a conditional acceptance, request a teacher recommendation, interview, or require additional school work, or deny admissions. English and foreign language evaluations will be given to place the children in the English and foreign language classes during the first week of school.

• Students applying to 1st grade through 12th, coming from a school not accredited by the French Ministry of Education, such as a local private or public US school, a French Immersion school, or a European school must take an entrance exam in French and Math, and other subjects depending upon the grade or choice of baccalauréat to validate admissions.  

• Students applying to the maternelle not attending a school or daycare not accredited by the  French Ministry of Education may be invited to attend an observation session.  

Evaluation dates:

For Maternelle: Dates in February to be confirmed

For Elementary school: Week of February 5

For Middle and High School: Week of February 20

For students living abroad, exams may be organized by a local accredited AEFE school, or Friday, August 25. Conditional acceptances will be made based on admissions application. 

The Admissions Office will contact your family to set up an appointment for the evaluation

Receiving Admissions Decisions and enrolling your children

The admissions committee will send out decision letters in early March to applicants.

The acceptance letter to qualifying applications will provide a link and password to access our online enrollment form and contract to officially enroll your child(ren) at our school.  

Your child(ren)'s enrollment is considered official once we receive the following:

  1. Completed Online Enrollment form
  2. Enrollment and registration fees
  • First-time enrollment fee of $1,750 (this is a one-time fee per family; it is non-refundable and non-deductible from tuition fees)
  • Annual registration fee per child of:
    • $500 early bird fee for enrollments received by April 4th, included 
    • $1000 for registrations received after April 4th

3. If you are financing the tuition, a FACTS Agreement number issued by the FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT system. To open an account FACTS, click here

  • Facts Tuition Management is a mechanism for the payment of tuition allowing you to pay in full or in monthly installments. Please note that you need an American bank account to enroll in FACTS.  If you do not yet have a US bank account, we will bill you for the first tuition payment until you are able to open a FACTS account.  I do not have a US bank account yet, how can I complete the enrollment process?

4. If your company is covering tuition costs, you will indicate the contact and billing information on the payment section of the enrollment form.


If your child is entering middle or high school (College or Lycee - 6th - 12th), please click here to see course electives to facilitate the enrollment process. Secondary School Electives


For more details on FACTS or Tuition payment, please refer to the Tuition and FeesFor information on Financial Aid, please refer to the Financial Aid.


Next steps after enrolling my child(ren)

Once we have received your enrollment confirmation

1. Access to the Parent Portal

This a secure portal and contains information on current events and school activities for parents. You will receive your personal credentials via email

2. Tuition payments First tuition payment must be made in June or one month before your child starts school based for late arrivals

The exact date and payment plan will be scheduled based on the information provided during enrollment.  If you are paying the tuition fees you must have a FACTS account.  For more information

3. Required Documents before August 1st, at the latest

A. Final school report cards and school certificate.  Please upload in the designated area of parent portal

These must be uploaded on the parent portal in the designated area

B. Maryland State medical forms

Enrolled students will receive a link to the health portal to enter personal information and upload completed documentation  

If you are entering the Maternelle school (Toute petite section to Kindergarten/GS)

- Child care emergency form (OCC 1214)

- MarylandChild Care  Health inventory (OCC Form 1215)

- Maryland Child Care immunization certificate (DHMH Form 896)

- Blood testing lead certificate  (DHMH Form 4620)

If you are entering 1st grade

- Medical Certificate  (this can be done by your local doctor - it is not required to be done by a US doctor)

- Immunization certificate

-Blood testing lead certificate  (DHMH Form 4620)


If you are entering 2st grade through 12th grade

- Medical Certificate  (this can be done by your local doctor - it is not obliged to be a US doctor)

Immunization certificate

To see Maryland State Medical requirements, please click here.

For Immunization requirements, please click here

Completed forms are to be uploaded in the designated area on the parent portal


If your child has a chronic disease (must be filled out by a US doctor)

 Maternelle: Maryland State Department of Education - Office of Child Care - Medication Authorization form

1st grade - 12th grade:  Individual Medical Protocol |Plan d'aide individualisé (PAI)

For information on Maryland State immunization requirements for Maternelle, click here

For information on Maryland State immunization requirement for Elementary and Secondary school, click here



Rochambeau operates on the French School calendar.  School calendar   A welcome day is organized before the start of school for the new families

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