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Clubs Rochambeau - After School Activities (non competitive) :

" Club Rochambeau " allows you to participate and discover many activities such as: judo, football, dance, circus art and others. For more information, click on: CLUB ROCHAMBEAU

Rochambeau Team:

Many students are engaged in our teams: Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Swimming and proudly defend the colors of Rochambeau!

The objectives are:

  • to give the sense of responsibility and commitment,
  • to develop a sense of belonging
  • to participate in various local competitions.
Our Teams :

Soccer High School Teams


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Soccer MSI - Montgomery soccer Inc 

Foot Ligue- MSI: Information >>

  • CE1-CE2, U10/11 | Baudoin DESSART 
  • CM1/CM2 filles | Omar ZERBO
  • 6e filles | Simon CHO
  • 5e filles | Simon CHO
  • U11, U14, U15 | Pedja RADOCEVIC 
  • U12, U13 | Thierry POILE 
  • U17 | Ismael OLOUDÉ

Volley Ball Team


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Pré-réquis natation competition
Coach : M. Hugues Leblanc

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 Basket Ball


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 Matches and Meets:

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EPS (Physical Education)

Physical  education is a subject of its own in the French program.
In kindergarten, physical activities help the discovery of one's body and acquire skills in other areas: living together, language, mathematics. It is an opportunity to exchange in both languages through pre-sports games.
At elementary school, physical  education is more concerned with the development of motor skills than sport performance. Through this activity, students exercise their motor skills, they discover the possibilities of their bodies, they learn to stay healthy and safe. They also develop social skills: respect for the rules, respect for oneself and for others.
At the secondary level, physical  education is mandatory from the 6th (6th grade) [4h / week] to the Terminale (12th Grade) [2h / week]. The objectives are:
  • To develop and enrich your motor skills.
  • To educate in the health and management of physical and social life.
  • To access to the heritage of physical and sports culture.

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