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Rochambeau, the French International School, is an independent and coeducational day school, Beginning in preschool (age 2) through 12th grade, we offer our students a rigorous curriculum in French and English leading to either the French Baccalauréat and its bilingual or trilingual international options (BFI) or the International Baccalaureate (IB). We are the only school accredited by the French Ministry of Education in the Washington DC area. 

  Our Mission

Rochambeau fosters excellence through rigorous, accredited French and International curricula. The school provides a safe and caring environment that welcomes students of all backgrounds and nationalities, nurturing them to become plurilingual, confident, and open-minded critical thinkers.


  Our Vision

Rochambeau, the French International School, empowers students to thrive in an evolving world, positively impact their communities, and value diversity and multiculturalism.

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  Our Core Values

Together these values support a school which is culturally diverse and truly international.

Diversity is the hallmark of Rochambeau, with over 80 nationalities represented in the student body.

Rochambeau is committed to cultivating a multilingual, pluricultural learning environment that demonstrates the benefits that diversity and inclusion bring to all aspects of academic and campus life. We encourage all our community members (students, parents, faculty, staff and Trustees) to participate in and reinforce our learning community through dynamic, interactive discussion  and shared discoveries, supported by an ever-present thirst for knowledge. Engaging on these important issues inside and outside the classroom is central to Rochambeau’s longstanding commitment to nurturing leaders who will create a world that respects diversity in all senses throughout their lives.

Pursuit of Excellence

We expect and help everyone to do their best

Intellectual rigor and fairness

Strong emphasis on hard work and work well-done


To a changing world


For diversity, the individual, ideas, cultures and the environment.

Support and Cooperation

Between and among our students, our staff and our community

Openness and transparency

In our decision making process and communication

A Rochambeau education makes you multilingual, multicultural, and adaptable.

 What do we mean about intellectual rigor and adaptability to a changing world?

We expect the very best from our students and we help them achieve that within a highly structured, academically rigorous environment where they are offered the opportunities and experiences to build their self-confidence and advance their academic skills. Rigorous learning techniques develop the skills, knowledge and aptitudes that will enable students to succeed in the increasingly complex, international world that awaits them. Our World Language classes offer an attractive syllabus containing both colloquial and literary language in familiar situations as well as more abstract content. 

 Respect for diversity, support and cooperation.

Talking about other languages and cultures ​​encourages students to open up to other people and to understand different cultures and visions; essential skills in a world threatened by racism and xenophobia. In our World Languages Classes we encourage students to respect cultural differences by teaching them to never make facile comments or criticize what another person says. We are all different and we need to be able to express ourselves and accept everyone as they are.  Encountering and understanding other cultures is also part of the language learning experience.

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