9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814

Welcome & Bienvenue

  • 11.2  acres campus in the heart of Bethesda
  • 4 playgrounds + 1 turf field
  • 170,000 sq. ft. of instructional space
  • 37 classrooms + music, science & cooking rooms
  • Capacity for 700 students

Latest news! 

Some of our CM1 visited their new campus

Arthur, César, Charlotte, Nadia, Noomi et Pax, fourth graders and members of the “Club de journalistes en herbe”, visited the site of the new campus.

Find out what they liked about their visit and what they are looking forward to seeing in their new school.

Any clues? Sports, food and books!

Magda Salman, Director of After-School Activities, and Marc Baudlet, Athletics Director, present the new arts and sports activities that will be offered and the new services. The campus will be alive!

Raymond Stewart, Director of Information and Technology, talks about the new technologies that will be available at the Maplewood campus. The key words are innovation and interaction! 

Our campus in the making

Spotlight on the interior architecture of our campus. 

- March 2022

Preparing a beautiful campus. 

- January 2022

Our two gymnasiums under construction. 

- January 2022


Sports and recreation facilities for student development and well-being 

  • turf field for soccer and other sports
  • hard-surface play areas
  • covered areas for outdoor play
  • playground structures to safely challenge ages 2 through 12

Student health center within secure campus environment

  • health center including private care areas
  • access-controlled, gated campus
  • regular monitoring of indoor and outdoor spaces

🎥 Taking care of our students (April-May 2022)

Regional center for Intercultural Learning and Language Exchange 

🎥 A modern 21st century library (April-May 2022)

Expanded academic offerings

MEET the growing demand for multilingual and multicultural education

  • increased enrollment opportunities
  • greater number of classes for each grade level