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Staff Spotlight: David Adams
Staff Spotlight: David Adams

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight! 


In honor of National School Counseling Week, we are featuring David Adams, 

Director of University Counseling.  David has a B.A. in History from Old Dominion University with a Minor in Political Science, and an M.A. in Human Development from Hood College with concentrations in Leadership, Ethics, and Marketing

Prior to Rochambeau David had a 26-year career in higher education admissions and enrollment management

He's worked worked at:

  • Old Dominion University, VA
  • Virginia Wesleyan University, VA
  • Frostburg State University, MD
  • Washington College. MD
  • Reading Area Community College, PA
  • Hood College, MD
  • Penn State University, PA
  • York College of Pennsylvania, PA
  • Widener University, PA

My favorite thing about Rochambeau is working with the students, they are kind and gracious, and make me smile every day!

Fun Stuff

  • I live in Frederick, Maryland with my dog Bella
  • I love to hike a trail and ride my bike when the weather is nice
  • There is no better way to spend a day than at a baseball game with friends. 


  • Why is university counseling important at Rochambeau?
    • "We help students navigate a process that in many cases is unknown to them and their parents.  If you think about it, college admission offices have their own languages, terms, and processes that people don't know or perhaps don't understand. Top it all with the fact that many Rochambeau students are applying to colleges or universities in multiple countries, compounding the communication challenges.   It is no wonder that starting the college search process can be daunting.  It is our job to help students and their families make sense of it all."
  • What are specific services that are important at Rochambeau?
    • "We offer school-day SAT, PSAT, and Cambridge Testing.
    • On-demand appointments and meeting with a dedicated university counselor who is knowledgeable, connected, and informed about what is going on in the world of college and university admission.
    • We write personalized letters of recommendation for each student to highlight the best aspects of their academic, extracurricular, and personal journey.
    • Full-service support in support of a student's college search.  Including, research, letters of recommendation, essay review, supplemental writing sample support, and the completion of and submission of applications to colleges and universities around the world."
  • What is your favorite memory being a counselor at Rochambeau?
    • "The first time a student walked into my office face aglow to share the news of their offer of admission.  Whether a student earns admission to Harvard University, the University of Maryland, McGill University, or any other school; it is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to all the hard work and effort that students put into their Rochambeau experience.  Every admission should be celebrated and appreciated for the gift that it is."
  • What's your best advice to students?
    • "Relax, don't stress yourself out, and DO NOT compare yourself to your classmates. Every student's journey is different. Celebrate YOUR journey wherever it takes you."
    • "Remember, there are many more millionaires and billionaires that went to colleges you have never heard of than those that went to an Ivy League college or university."

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