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Staff Spotlight: Emma Lance
Staff Spotlight: Emma Lance

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight! 


In honor of National School Counseling Week, we are featuring Emma Lance, 

University Counselor and Testing Coordinator.  


We asked our Counseling team a couple of questions:

  • Why is university counseling important at Rochambeau?
    • "The process of applying to college can be overwhelming, and having people to be there along the way can provide some relief to students and families who may not know where to start. We want to make sure that students and families feel supported every step of the way with anything they need."
  • What are specific services that are important at Rochambeau?
    • "We offer the full suite of College Board exams! While no one is required to take exams, it can be helpful to get practice through PSAT exams, take the SAT to add to their applications, or an AP exam to potentially get college credit. In addition, we offer the Cambridge Assessments, which are required exams for students applying to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. As the testing coordinator, I maintain communication with students and families that choose to take part in College Board exams and answer any questions."
  • What is your favorite memory being a counselor at Rochambeau?
    • "My favorite memories have to be when students come to my office just to chat! My door is always open for students to drop by, and I love getting the chance to get to know them. It gives me the opportunity to better assist them in finding schools that may be a good fit for them, and provides an ear if they have any concerns about the process."
  • What's your best advice to students?
    • "Be open! While students have their plans to study a specific subject or attend a certain school, things can change! You may find you are interested in something completely different once you set foot on campus, or may want to apply to a school you've never heard of!"

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