20-21 | Health and Safety

 measures and procedures


  • Physical Distancing Measures include: Students and staff will be instructed to maintain increased space between classroom desks, smaller recess groups, modified class activities, changes to student movement / circulation within the buildings;
  • Face coverings worn on campus: Students and staff will receive education and training on proper use and the importance of this step. Guidance from health agencies about the use of face coverings at the time when our campuses reopen to students and staff. This may require wearing a mask during most school hours (e.g. not during meal times).
  • Hand-washing and Hygiene: Soap and/or hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms and in hallways; 
  • Daily Health Screenings: Parents will be requested to check their child’s temperature daily before leaving for school and report the temperature with the confirmation of lack of symptoms through a digital form before the students’ arrival on campus;
  • Any student, teacher or staff member who is not feeling well must remain at home.
  • Health Isolation Room: Each campus has a dedicated room for students and staff who demonstrate COVID symptoms.
  • Flu vaccination encouraged for students and employees;

Virus Prevention Steps

 In the event that a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19,

We will cooperate with county health officials who will undertake contact tracing steps. Depending on the contacts within the school, some number of individuals may need to isolate from on-campus instruction for a period of time. This could be limited to a specific class group, to a specific grade, whole building, or whole school community, depending on the contacts in the unique situation. In this, as in all determinations, we will be following the advice of our local health authorities with whom we are already working closely. Students who are not able to attend on campus instruction due to required home isolation will have access to distance learning materials and support. Any school closure or isolation of student(s) or staff member(s) will not be undertaken lightly.