20-21 | High School


  • Full course schedule will be maintained including core subjects and options to position students well for college admissions and Bac success and honors
  • Preparation for 11th and 12th grade Bac exams will receive the attentive focus of teachers and academic support team
  • Full day schedule organized around scheduled synchronous and asynchronous sessions

 reopening phases
Phase 1: October 26th

Forest Rd Campus: 12th grade with Science specialties for lab work.

Phase 1 bis: NOVEMBER 16th

Forest Rd Campus: 11th grade with Science specialties for lab work.

Phase 2: FEBRUARY 1st, 2021

Forest Rd Campus: 2de/10th grade

Phase 3: MARCH 1st, 2021

Forest Rd Campus: 1re-Tle/11th-12th grades (weekly rotation: one week in school, one week at home)

 distance learning - Daily Framework

  • Teachers are responsible for defining the framework of the asynchronous sessions (individual and group assignments and individual support for students who need it)
  • In a daily schedule including 6 periods, 4 will be synchronous
  • In a daily schedule including 8 periods, 5 will be synchronous
  • The total number of assigned class periods will vary by grade and options selected
  • Each synchronous class lasts 50 min with a 10 min break between each period
  • For each 2 hour class, 1.5 hour of synchronous work will be scheduled with a 30 min asynchronous period for individual or group work
  • Daily instructional hours between 8:30 am and 3:20 pm, with some additional class times between 3:40 and 5:20 pm to accommodate subject options (not daily)
  • Mid-day lunch breaks for 1 hour
  • New chromebook devices for Middle School (starting in October due to sourcing delays outside our control)
  • Distance learning schedules will be adapted from traditional in-person instructional schedules to reflect differences in online learning times as compared to in-person. Notably, where some high school students might be scheduled for 38 hours of on-campus instruction, sustaining 38 hours of screen time learning would be neither necessary nor effective.
  • University Counseling team will continue to prepare students and guide families in their application process with individual and group meetings as well as virtual visits with representatives of top universities


Drop-off & Pick-up Information

 Distance Learning Guide

Distance Learning Guide for 2020-2021 Information coming soon

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 scheduleS FROM 10th to 12th grades

First page of the PDF file: CalendriersBac2021

  ASSR EXAM FOR 10th graders


Info about the exam

Back-on-campus Parent Meeting for 10th grade classes

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Back-to-campus Parent Meetings for 11th & 12th grade Classes - sciences specialties (SPC, SVT)

12th grade - October 16, 2020

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11th grade - November 11, 2020

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Parent Meeting for High School Grades

August 24, 2020

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