20-21 | Student Well-being


While our students are physically distanced or participating in in-person learning, our goals remain the same:

  • build a class culture and community, 
  • establish relationships with families and students, 
  • promote collaboration at the students and teachers' level
  • maintain a safe, open and caring environment for everyone

 supporting students and families


  • Safe and open connection opportunities:
    • In-person outdoor connection
    • Small groups and one-on-one
  • Caring connection:
    • Assist struggling students
    • Promote connection between students
    • Check in regularly
  • Why is connection so important? And especially during a time of online instruction?
    • Because all learning is social and emotional
    • Because the students have been through a trauma that needs to be acknowledged and recognized
    • Because connection is essential for establishing strong, supportive adult relationships
    • Social connection is fundamental to human development 
    • Social connection increase well-being
    • Social connection is important to mitigate negative psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic