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Dual Diploma Benefits

We offer both French and US programs:


The majority of Rochambeau students meet all Maryland high school curricular requirements and are awarded the Maryland High School Diploma at the end of 11th grade.
The final year of study at Rochambeau is devoted to preparing students for the French Baccalaureate examination, which alone qualifies students of any nationality for admission to the French university system. This final year of study at Rochambeau is appropriately regarded as post-secondary study in the U.S., although it is an integral part of secondary education in the French system. Because of this, Canadian and U.S. universities often grant credits and/or advanced status to French Baccalaureate graduates.

Philippe Vanhille, Academic Director, speaks of the values of an education at our school. Rochambeau graduates receive the High school diploma in 11th grade and the French Bac in 12th grade.

High School Diploma

Graduation Requirements

To receive a High School Diploma from the State of Maryland (Montgomery County), within the context of the French education system, Rochambeau students must obtain a minimum of 22 credits. Seventeen of these credits must be in the subjects specified below. The additional minimum of five elective units may come from offerings in any curricular area. Rochambeau students generally exceed these requirements.

- 6 credits in Mathematics and Science (including at least 2 science and 2 math)
- 4 credits English
- 2 credits French

- 2 credits in Social Studies (1 credit in U.S. History)
- 2 credits in a 3rd language
- 1 credit in Physical Education

Because the Maryland high school diploma typically is awarded to students before their last year of study at Rochambeau, students who have earned the diploma and who plan to attend North American universities have the option of leaving Rochambeau without completing 12th grade and without taking the Baccalaureate exams. However, more than 95% of Rochambeau students choose to stay in 12th grade in order to take their Baccalaureate.

French Baccalaureate

National Curriculum, Faculty, and Language of Instruction

All French high schools (lycées) follow the French National Ministry of Education's academic curriculum. Faculty members are certified by the same French Ministry. Class sizes are small, varying from 4 to 23 students. All courses are taught in French except for English language classes, OIB* Literature, U.S. History, and OIB* History, which are taught entirely in English.

English language instruction is mandatory and offered at three levels of proficiency: Group 2 (intermediate), Group 3 (advanced), and Group 4 (honors). OIB* (Honors) English is an option that can be chosen by fully bilingual students as part of the complete OIB* program.

Math subjects (algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, probabilities, and statistics) are integrated throughout the curriculum. Earth and Life sciences (SVT) include biology, earth science and health education, The Physics and chemistry programs are incorporated gradually.

During the final three years of secondary education, students often carry a course load of 37 to 40 hours per week, with a corresponding amount of homework. Students therefore have little time to pursue the extracurricular activities common in most U.S. high school cultures.

* International Option of the French Baccalaureate