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Welcome to Rochambeau Elementary School!

Our Director of Elementary School

Yvan Tabellion

Yvan Tabellion

We believe that education is about questioning the world and being fluent in many languages.  Not just spoken languages, but also mathematical language, scientific language and the languages of art and music. As early as 1st grade, we prepare students for the world by offering a multicultural and multidisciplinary education.

Throughout elementary school and in all subjects, Rochambeau students are taught to explain the thought process and logic that led them to answer questions or resolve problems.

Developing writing skills in all subjects, they learn to present their thought processes succinctly and with precision. These skills are essential to the academic success of our students. 

Yvan Tabellion

A typical day at the Elementary school (Rollingwood campus).

Cycles of learning

Rochambeau’s elementary school curriculum is divided into Cycles that allow students time to learn at their own pace and to build on the solid skills and knowledge base they acquire each year.

 Cycle 2, “Fundamental Learning”:
1st through 3rd grade


The Fundamental Learning Cycle is dedicated to advancing reading skills in both French and English, writing in cursive, understanding and writing numbers, and small number calculations. Students progressively master oral expression skills in all subjects, while enriching vocabulary and improving spelling. 

Elementary students are given a global introduction to history, geography and the sciences, as well as art, music and physical education. Third grade students are also encouraged to begin study of a third language.

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 Cycle 3, “Consolidation”:
4th to 6th grade


From 4th to 6th grade, students not only consolidate their Cycle 2 knowledge base, they study art history, science & technology, history, geography & civics in a more formal learning in greater depth.

6th grade is an important part of the Consolidation cycle. It acts as a bridge to Middle School, introducing students to the new rhythm, teaching structure and new approach to teaching and learning. Beginning in the final year of this cycle, 6th grade, the program is taught exclusively by specialized teachers in specific subject areas.

Overview of the curriculum

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Dec 3, 2020 Informative meeting

Overview by grade

Assessing Student Progress

The French curriculum sets expectations for the end of each cycle and specifies targeted competencies and knowledge. Using benchmarks, teaching staff must tailor various learning to suit student's ages and acquisition rates. Two standardized tests in mathematics and in French are administered once or twice a year to measure student progress.

From 1st to 5th grade the curriculum is mainly supported by a single multi-skilled teacher who can provide cross-disciplinary teaching and establish links between the various areas of the common foundation. Select subjects, including English, are taught by specialists as outlined in the previous tables.

ENTERING 1ST GRADE Measuring students capacity to learn how to read and verbal skills + Mathematics skills
END OF 1ST GRADE Reading fluency and spelling capacities
ENTERING 3RD GRADE Measuring literacy + Mathematics capacities

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