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Baccalaureate + Brevet + DELF

This department ensures the smooth running and the organization of all French exams throughout the United States: the National Diploma of the Brevet (DNB), the French Baccalaureate and its anticipated test in 11th grade, but also the BFA (French-American Baccalaureate) and DELF (French-language school diploma - Advanced Diploma in French).

The French exam department prepares and coordinates registrations, oral and written tests, as well as corrections with the Canadian exams department (with which corrections copies are sometimes crossed) and the rectorate of Caen (France) that provides instructions.

With an increasing number of candidates (around 1,500 last year), this service manages the various stages of these important moments with rigor, confidentiality, but also a great attention to detail and a dedicated attention to each individual.

Exams calendars will be announced during the school year.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Brigitte Buchmuller
(301) 530-8260 x 285

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