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Philippe Vanhille

Philippe Vanhille

Rochambeau students integrate multilingual mastery with a multicultural understanding of the world.

High school starts in 10th grade and our students can now choose between the French system of education or the International Baccalaureate track for their final years of high school.  

The French system of education forms the cornerstone of our academic approach. Instruction and assessment are in both French and English, and students also study between one and three additional languages. We enhance this through options and electives developed to meet the needs of our American, French and international communities. High school studies culminate with the award of the U.S. High School Diploma, in addition to the world-renowned French Baccalaureate exam or the IB diploma program.

Rochambeau students receive a comprehensive education of the highest quality, instilling in them the confidence and desire for excellence they need to fulfill their dreams and become caring, valued members of a global society.

Epreuves Baccalauréat | Baccaulaureate exams

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Video made by 10th grade students during their job shadowing.

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Panel discussion with students, alumni, parents and staff to better understand how Rochambeau prepares its students for university studies and beyond. 


The French program and the IB program are two different programs accredited, supervised and assessed by two different organizations (respectively the French Ministry of Education and the IBO).

Rochambeau’s goal with having two programs families can choose from - the French Program & the IB Program - is to help you and your children find the curriculum, learning style and languages that best suit your child.

Whatever programs they choose at Rochambeau, our students qualify* for the US/Maryland High School Diploma. Courses in all programs meet the requirements and allow students to get the credits they need.

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Presentation and panel discussion on the Baccalauréat français and Baccalauréat français international (BFI)

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Presentation on the IB 

Cycles of learning

The three years of Rochambeau high school are unified into one cycle, divided into two distinct learning stages:

 The “Determination” stage (10th grade) is designed to enable students to consolidate and broaden their mastery of the common core of knowledge, skills and culture in order to make a successful transition from Middle to High School. It prepares them to determine their choice of a path within the terminal stage up to the baccalaureate with a view to successful pursuit of higher education and, beyond that, their professional integration.

 The “Terminal” stage (11th and 12th grades)

In the final stage, in addition to the common courses, students follow compulsory speciality courses of their choice. These courses allow students to gradually acquire skills and knowledge adapted to their future choices of pursuing higher education.

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