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Language Immersion


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Bicultural and Immersion Programs that are the ideal choice for internationally-minded families who wish to offer their children a bilingual and bicultural education.

"Building bridges between English and French"

 Preschool from 2 years old:


Early learners have great enthusiasm and an immense capacity to learn.  At Rochambeau, we give children the opportunity to begin this learning adventure as early as 2 years of age. Classes focus on skills essential for children’s intellectual, social and emotional development. Through many varied educational activities, children gradually master the French language, learning the vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively. We prepare children to embark on a bilingual journey that will continue throughout High School. 

French Immersion at Preschool

 French Immersion from early pre-school up to 3rd grade:


Research shows that a bilingual education enhances cognitive development on all levels.  At Rochambeau, our unique program offers our bilingual and bicultural advantage to children who either do not speak French at all, or who arrive with a limited knowledge of the language.  Children can enter directly into the preschool bilingual program, or, between the 1st and 3rd grades, can join a special “French Immersion” class.  The program is taught by native French teachers and is designed to bring young students up to grade level French. Students in the French Immersion class pursue their formal English instruction and other elective subjects with their classmates. They also participate in bilingual class projects throughout the year which help them become fluent and more at ease in both languages. French Immersion students are admitted on an evaluation-based process.

French Immersion in Elementary School

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