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Welcome to Rochambeau Middle School!

Our Director of Secondary School

Philippe Vanhille

Philippe Vanhille

The transition to Middle School marks a pivotal moment in a student’s academic life. 

Many new experiences await our students. offering opportunities for personal and academic growth as the pace of instruction quickens and the approach to schoolwork becomes increasingly rigorous. The teaching structure is designed to strengthen autonomy and students must learn to adapt to new and different teaching methods, as well as to the higher expectations made of them.

Cycles of learning

Middle school at Rochambeau is from 6th through 9th grade and includes the 3rd and 4th learning cycles. Instruction is organized by subject: French, English, Mathematics, History and Geography, Civics, Sciences, Visual arts and Musical Education, Physical Education, one foreign language (Spanish, German or Arabic) and a cross-curricular project, the "EPI".

 Cycle 3, the "Consolidation" cycle (6th grade):

6th grade is the final of a 3-year cycle which includes the 4th and 5th grades from the elementary program. Its purpose is two-fold:

  • To consolidate the basic skills learned in Cycle 2, which have a direct influence on subsequent learning, and 
  • To facilitate the transition between Primary School and Secondary School. 

"My child is starting 6th grade" Booklet

 Cycle 4, the "Expansion" cycle (7th, 8th and 9th grades):

The purpose of Cycle 4 is to deepen knowledge in a wide array of subjects and thus prepare students for High School.

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