Teacher with students in the classroom

Welcome to Rochambeau’s University Counseling Department!

Rochambeau, the French International School, is committed to student success far beyond the classroom. Taking into account their values, beliefs, motivation and potential, our mission is to prepare students for the life challenges awaiting them: going to university, choosing a profession, and making a meaningful contribution to the world.

We provide expert counseling and offer comprehensive resources that give students and their families a deeper understanding and awareness of the higher education possibilities and choices open to them. 

We help transform your child’s educational dreams into reality!

Meet the University Counseling Team

Ashley Cole

Director of University Counseling, Directrice de l'orientation universitaire

Kristen Carter

University Counselor, Conseillère d'orientation

Karine Gaultier

French University Counselor and Guidance Counseling, Conseillère d'orientation pour la France

Dalila Bessaha


University Counseling News