Teacher with students in the classroom

The Rochambeau University Counseling Team offers:

  • Career and higher education advice and information from 9th grade onwards

  • Individual counseling sessions and parent/student meetings

  • Regular parent and student informational meetings on higher education topics

  • Help and guidance with the college process: which to choose, when to apply, elements required for admission, standardized testing, etc.

  • Presentations and panels on specific college and university admission procedures by visiting representatives

  • Preparation for interviews as well as both oral and written entrance exams

  • Facilitation of Motivation Interviews for non-US university applicants

  • Write the counselor's letter of recommendation

  • Management of teacher recommendation letters

  • Access to visiting university and college representatives

  • Newsletters containing admissions information, college spotlights and upcoming deadlines

  • University Counseling Center’s Annual College Boot Camp- a week long event in June for juniors

Grade Level Overview