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Eugene Ubalijoro '83

Eugene Ubalijoro '83
Eugene Ubalijoro '83

Managing Director Heineken
Ethiopia, Africa

Following Eugene's higher education in the US and in Canada, Eugene began his professional career in 1990 as an international trainee within the HEINEKEN corporation in his native Rwanda. His attested leadership and language skills, led him to oversee several operations in many Francophone countries until obtaining higher management positions in the US. Since 1999, Eugene has acquired an extensive international portfolio, moving with his family from country to country including 10 years in the Netherlands. He mentions "my children know at least 5 languages" a not so bewildering fact for a family of travelers!

International to say the least, there is however ONE special place that Eugene and his family always come back to... his home village of Rutongo in Rwanda. Situated 25 km north of the capital city of Kigali, the Ubalijoro's dedicate their summers to support Rutongo's local primary school. "This has been an activity close to my heart...as it is our way of giving back to people who are less privileged than we are." Although the stays are short, Eugene, his wife, and his children use every moment to setup English classes, arts & crafts, guitar lessons, and computer activities to young children between the ages of 7 and 14. Also, providing philanthropic support, Eugene and his wife regularly raise funds to repair infrastructure, buy equipment, and offer school material. His passion has prompted him to invite Harvard and Georgetown students to support his fundraising efforts and to inspire knowledge with the local children. Happy with the accomplishments of his guests and the rich cultural exchanges, Eugene welcomes opportunities with Rochambeau students and alumni too, "I would host them and provide room and boarding at my home" a gracious host indeed!

Back in the US, Eugene has held the position of Exports Managing Director for the Americas and the Caribbean since 2010. Now, Eugene is ready for his next adventure! Most recently appointed Managing Director of HEINEKEN Ethiopia, he plans his big move for the upcoming fall. Congratulations Eugene, we wish you and your family the best for the future!


Au lycée je fus délégué de classe à plusieurs reprises et capitaine de l’équipe de football pendant quelques années. Cette expérience a jeté les bases de leadership dont un manager a besoin surtout dans la gestion des équipes. Le lycée a forgé ma curiosité intellectuelle à travers les cours de français, d’histoire-géo et de math pour ne citer que ceux-là. Grace au lycée, j’ai été accepté à Georgetown University et découvert ainsi ma passion pour les affaires internationales. J’ai aussi appris à vivre dans un cadre international ce qui m’a donné un avantage par rapports aux étudiants américains de ma promotion de Georgetown. Les compétences linguistiques que j’ai acquises au Lycée m’ont ouvert la voie vers une carrière internationale qui a débuté en 1990.