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Maya Sriqui '09

Maya Sriqui '09
Maya Sriqui '09

Founder & Creative Director of Garden State Candles
Berlin, Germany

Maya has taken her artisanal and entrepreneurial abilities abroad to open her own shop of handmade soy candles in Berlin, Germany. 100% devoted to provide her customers pure soy candles scented with botanical fragrance and essential oils, Garden State Candles is a natural favorite. Garden State Candles sports a logo inspired by her loving adopted dog, Louee. Her business not only brings joy in homes but as well as the local animal rescue shelters, where Maya donates a portion of the Garden State Candles's proceeds. Show your support and visit the Garden State Candles website and at their location in the heart of Schillerkiez at Allerstr. 11, 12049 Berlin.


Rochambeau made University feel like a piece of cake. I graduated with the "Rochambeau Forever" certificate, so this school is part of my roots and a huge part of my identity. I learned so much from our program, from my peers (there's just something about us Rochambeau kids that make us stick together, no matter the distances) and from the perseverance of my teachers, who ingrained in me "you can do better" - always pushing us to surpass ourselves and ultimately gifting us with the proper tools to succeed in the world.

I am forever grateful to Rochambeau for the memories I rejoice in and the knowledge I gained and apply to be the best young woman entrepreneur I can be.

Looking to visit online or in store? Let Maya know!