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Nicolas Trad '13

Nicolas Trad '13
Nicolas Trad '13

Princeton Graduate & Medical Student at Harvard University
Boston, Massachusetts

Nicolas Trad was born in Washington, D.C. into a family of Lebanese, Slovenian and American heritage. Raised in Beirut, Nicolas and his family lived through the 2006 conflict in Lebanon. It was at this time that his family returned to the U.S and the Rochambeau community became a part of his home. Nicolas's capacity to adapt and problem-solve in challenging environments has inspired him to pursue a medical career in global health.

Nicolas is a Princeton University graduate having earned his Bachelors degree in Public Policy with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy. In his next academic pursuit he will be enrolling in the Harvard University Medical Center in the fall of 2018.


Attending Rochambeau helped ease the transition into my new life. Within the school’s perimeters, I found a like-minded community with as complex a mix of identities as I’d grown up with in Lebanon. This was a source of familiarity and comfort, but it also challenged me to engage with new and sometimes conflicting perspectives, and to approach those unlike me with openness and humility. 

I would love to catch up with Rochambeau alums in NYC and BOSTON! Please contact me if you are interested in exchanging ideas, books or really anything related to medicine and public health!

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