Every year, about two-thirds of Rochambeau graduates attend universities in the US, Canada, the UK, and various other countries. The University Counselor handles all aspects of students' applications to these universities--mostly Anglophone--outside France and the rest of Europe.

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The University Counselor's Mission

The University Counselor works with students during the process of applying to colleges in many countries:

  • Advise students on when to apply, all the elements needed for admission, and standardized testing
  • Recommend appropriate universities based on the individual student's profile
  • Write the counselor's letter of recommendation for US and UK universities
  • Manage teacher recommendation letters
  • Bring college admissions representatives to campus to meet with students during individual visits
  • Conduct numerous informational programs for parents and students
  • Visit universities and maintain relationships with college admissions offices all over the world
  • Explain the French national education system to universities
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Diplomas Awarded

At Rochambeau, students are able to obtain both the Maryland high school diploma and the French Baccalauréat. The majority of Rochambeau students meet all Maryland high school curricular requirements and are awarded the Maryland high school diploma at the end of their première year, the year preceding the final year of French secondary education. By virtue of the academic breadth of the French education system, students at Rochambeau usually exceed the Maryland high school diploma requirements.

The final year of study at Rochambeau (terminale) is devoted to preparing students for the French Baccalauréat examination, which alone qualifies students for admission to the French university system. Students of any nationality who obtain the French Baccalauréat diploma are automatically eligible to attend university in France.

Standardized testing

Rochambeau offers various types of preparation for US standardized tests from troisième (9th grade) through première (11th grade):

  • Students may take PSAT 10 in seconde (10th grade) and PSAT/NMSQT in première (11th grade)
  • English teachers incorporate standardized test prep in their classes
  • Optional courses for general test prep and SAT administered by an outside test-prep company

Although Rochambeau's curriculum does not include official AP (Advanced Placement) courses, students may prepare for AP exams on their own and take any desired AP exams at Rochambeau in the spring. Students taking AP language exams typically make top scores.


Naviance Family Connection enables students and parents to learn about university representative visits, search for colleges and universities, find career information, search for financial aid and scholarships, and more.

Students are given access before their terminale year begins. In Family Connection they can see the status documents sent by Rochambeau to universities, create a résumé, and sign up for college visits.

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