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The year you completed 12th grade/Terminale, whether or not you graduated from Rochambeau (Ex: 2009)​​
In what field or industry do you work? With which company are you employed? What is your current position there? If you are a current student, what are you studying and at what school?​​​​ | Quelle est votre domaine d'activité? Pour quelle entreprise travaillez-vous? Votre position actuelle? Si vous êtes étudiant, merci d'indiquer le nom de votre programme et le nom de votre établissement.​
Have you received any professional or personal awards or honors? Have you been recognized in your company or community?​​ | Avez-vous reçu des prix ou des distinctions particulières?​​
What are your hobbies? Do you volunteer with any organization(s)? ​​| Quelles sont vos activités extra-professionelles? Faites-vous du bénévolat?​
Do you have a favorite memory or story about your time at Rochambeau that you would like to share with us?​​ | Un souvenir, une anecdote que vous souhaiteriez partager avec nous?​
Would you be interested in visiting Rochambeau to meet with current students about your career, your area of study or another subject of interest to you?​​ | Seriez-vous intéressé à revenir à Rochambeau pour partager votre expérience avec les étudiants actuels?​​
Please attach a recent photo we may use in our alumni profile page online. (By uploading a file you agree we may use this image in our publications and other materials.)​​ | Merci de joindre une photo récente que nous pourrons joindre à votre profil en ligne. (en partageant votre photo vous acceptez son utilisation par nos services)​​
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Ex: Alumni gatherings, old photos, and any other content we may share via alumni newsletters/website. We will contact you or you may share them via alumni@rochambeau.org​​​
To connect with other Rochambeau alumni! ​​
We'd be glad to receive your CV or resume so we can learn more about you and connect you with other alumni with similar interests and skills.​​ | Nous serions heureux de recevoir votre CV pour en savoir plus sur votre parcours.​
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