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Terminales: Updates & Deadlines

Responsibility for European Universities

To serve students and families better, and to take advantage of Mme. Gaultier’s experience with European university admissions, Mme. Gaultier will now manage the application process for all European universities except for UK. I will continue to work with students on applications to US, UK, Canada, and any other regions outside Europe.

If you are interested in studying in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, or other countries in Europe, please feel free to see Mme. Gaultier with any questions. Her office is upstairs in the lycée, next to the CRA.

Recap: Terminale University Info Night

Please review the presentation from last Wednesday’s information evening. Thank you to all who attended! We had an overview of the education and admission systems in the US, UK, and Canada, and reviewed the steps students should be taking to work on their university applications.

Oxford & Cambridge and Medical/Vet UK programs: Deadlines Soon

If you haven’t already done so, you must let me know by September 20 if you will apply to Oxford or Cambridge or medical/veterinary programs in the UK. You must submit your University List to Mme. Bessaha, and, if applicable, inform me of any extra admission test you may need to take for your program/course of choice. You’ll need to have started your UCAS application and provide me with your UCAS ID in order for me to register you for the test.

Keep in mind that your part of the UCAS application must be finished by September 30, and teachers' recommendations must be received by October 7 at the latest, in order for me to submit your UCAS application and supporting materials by the deadline. You are responsible for notifying your teachers of your deadlines. Because of the way UCAS is set up, I must summarize comments from your teachers’ letters for the reference section before I can submit your application to UCAS; this is the reason for these preliminary deadlines.

University List

Turning in this form to Mme. Bessaha is what signals us to start preparing your counselor recommendation and transcript. You can always add more colleges later, so if you have decided on any schools please submit a list with those to Mme. Bessaha by September 30.

REVISED Instructions for Application Systems

Refer to these revised instructions that you'll need as you work on various university applications (Common Application, UC, UMD, UCAS for UK admission, etc.). There was an error with some of the dates listed in the UC portion.

Teacher Recommendations - Timeline

Please provide your completed Questionnaire for Teacher Recommendations to any teachers who have agreed to write a recommendation letter for you. Teachers will submit their letters through Naviance and have received instructions from me on how to do this.

The deadline to request your letters is September 30, to ensure your teachers have sufficient time to write their letters. Please speak to your teachers in person to get their approval, and let them know your timeline:

If the university application deadline is October 1-30, the teacher letter is due September 30.

If the university application deadline is November 1-30, the teacher letter is due October 24.

If the university application deadline is December 1-30, the teacher letter is due November 22.

If the university application deadline is January 1 or later, the teacher letter is due December 1.

Actions to take in Naviance

After you give your University List to Mme. Bessaha, she’ll add the schools into your list of “Colleges I’m Applying To” in Naviance Family Connection. You’ll need to go into the list, and next to each school’s name, select the method by which you are applying. See below screenshot as an example.

Linking Common App to Naviance

1.  After you have set up your Common App account, in your Common App enter at least one college or university in “My Colleges.”

2.  Go to the “FERPA Waiver” section on the left.

3.  Read the information, and choose whether or not to waive (give up) your right to see your recommendations.

4.  Then, go to Naviance Family Connection: http://connection.naviance. com/frenchis

5.  Enter your password that you made to get into Family Connection.

6.  Go to Colleges, then Colleges I’m Applying To.

7.  Fill in the email address you used in your Common App.


  • If the university only offers one application, it will show that. For example, Boston College only accepts Common Application.

  • Some universities offer multiple applications, and you’ll need to choose one. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND using the Common App if it is available. This application is accepted by over 600 universities and is the easiest system to use. Example: American University, below, accepts three different types of applications: Common App, Coalition, and “direct to the institution” via their own application. Choose Common App if possible, to limit the number of times you have to fill out your information during the application process.

  • Change your selection by clicking on the text displayed in the "How are you applying?" column

Upcoming Visits from University Representatives

Remember, we have lots of university representatives coming to visit Rochambeau this fall, usually during the lunch hour. Meeting these representatives is a great way to learn more about schools and get your questions answered. Unless otherwise noted, sessions are at 12:30pm in La Grande Salle de Reunion, room 212, upstairs in the Administration Building.

Posted by Emily Parliman on Tuesday September, 20, 2016


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