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Test Scores, Morning Meetings, & Terminale News

In this post:
  • Parents’ Morning Meeting
  • Mock Test Scores Available
  • PSAT Scores Available December 12
  • Terminales: Importance of Terminale Grades
  • Terminales: Canadian University Applications
  • Terminales: Recommendation Letters
  • Terminales: Upcoming Deadline for UK Applications
Parents’ Morning Meeting
The next college counseling informational meeting will be Wednesday, December 14 at 8:30am in the large conference room, administration building (room 212). Topic: Standardized testing information (this topic was last covered in January 2016). We will discuss the various tests required for university admission, particularly in the US: SAT, ACT, subject tests, etc.
Mock Test Scores Available
Students can stop by my office to pick up their test booklet and score report from the mock PSATs and SATs that students in troisième, seconde, and première took in school on November 10 and 11. The score report shows which questions students answered correctly or incorrectly, and they can refer to the test booklet to review each question.
PSAT Scores Available December 12
For students who took the PSAT/NMSQT in school in October:
On December 12, students who provided their email address on their PSAT/NMSQT answer sheet will receive an email reminder from the College Board explaining where and how to view their scores. Students can set up a free College Board account at any time.
Importance of Terminale Grades
Some students have already received offers-- congratulations to those who have! Please let me know whenever you receive admission decisions. I know it can be tempting to stop working hard in school once you’ve received admission offers. However, keep in mind that your terminale grades are important.
The full-year terminale grades will be sent to the US university at which you enroll, after school ends in June. It is a requirement of admission that the university receives your final grades. They'll check to see that your grades are around the same level as the grades on which you were admitted. Universities outline this in their offer letters-- they'll state in the conditions that they expect you to maintain the same level of academic achievement that you showed in your application. Universities reserve the right to rescind admission offers if students' grades drop significantly.
For UK and Canadian university, typically the conditions are that you achieve certain scores on the Bac. Each university will specify its conditions in its offer; for example, "At least 14 overall on the Bac, with at least 15 in maths and science." The conditions are different for every student and depend on the degree program. For a student applying to a science program, for instance, the university would likely require a high score in science on the Bac.
So, regardless of which country you eventually choose for university, it's important to keep working hard throughout terminale.
Canadian University Applications
We mail official copies of your bulletins to each Canadian university before its deadline. However, you should still follow the instructions each school lists in its admission requirements. Many Canadian universities, like McGill, ask students to upload copies of or self-report their own grades into the university's application system in order for the application to be considered complete. You should use the bulletins, in this case-- not the Americanized transcript. Universities will specify how they want to receive the grades and which years/grades should be included.
Recommendation Letters
By now, we should have received two teachers’ letters of recommendation if you are applying to US or UK universities. If your teachers have not yet submitted their letter, please follow up and ask them to do so as soon as possible.
Upcoming Deadline for UK Applications
December 15: Deadline to submit your part of the UCAS application
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