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Playing: an absolute necessity for the child and the student

From the very first months of life, play is an essential source and vehicle for a child's learning, joy and development.

The importance of play for children and its role in learning has long been known and well documented. It is therefore natural that play has been an important element in the classroom since the creation of the Maternelle in France.


The current trend of replacing play time with structured activities during family time and the reduction of recess hours during school has been criticized in recent studies and articles that have focused on the role and benefits of play in learning. 

After a period of time where the nursery program was significantly influenced by the elementary school structure, the new official 2015 program of the French Ministry of National Education (the one we follow at the Rochambeau pre-school campus) very explicitly emphasizes the importance of play in school and its role in learning.

The game, in all its forms (free, guided, structured, exploratory, symbolic, rules-based, collective, construction, etc.) is a natural part of spontaneous, autonomous or specific learning. There is, therefore, no contradiction between play and work at school.

In addition, the game offers a space of autonomy and safety necessary for the well-being of the young child and allows a necessary break time in cognitive activities to maintain attention, concentration and avoid overload.

As for recreation, beyond its benefits on health, brain oxygenation, concentration, social, motor and emotional development, it is a source of joy and development for students. 

Guided tour in our playground. Start by closing your eyes (long before you see the children in the yard... you hear them!); the unique sound of the playground... The intensity, power of laughter, pleasure and joy are incomparable and unforgettable. Open your eyes, cut the sound: joy on your faces, the crazy energy spent, friendship, exploration, total, absolute commitment: pure enjoyment.

Frédéric Tavernier
Director of the Rochambeau nursery school

Posted by in Bilingulism, Academic, Parenting on Monday October 1, 2018
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