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The National Gallery comes to Rochambeau….in miniature.

Using art as a means of expression is part of the French primary school* curriculum. It is also a fun medium to acquire and develop language, particularly for our immersion students.

After a visit to the east wing of the National Gallery of Art, students from the maternelle and immersion classes worked to create a model museum with paintings, sculptures, mobiles. Together they then assembled them to bring the East wing to Rochambeau. While improving their oral skills, the immersion class created a “Kahoot”, an interactive game for the maternelle students depicting the different works of art.

“We had a great time, and what is extraordinary is that the students are now unbeatable on some of the artists,” says Hélène, one of the immersion teachers.

*primary school is comprised of the maternelle and elementary schools (nursery-5th grade)

Lexique: glossary

Une sculpture | a sculpture

Une peinture | a painting

Une photographie: a photograph

Un cadre | a frame

Un chavalet | easil

Observer : to observe

Une palette : artist palette

Un portrait «  a portrait

Un paysage | a landscape

Un musée a museum

Une galerie | an art gallery



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