Annual Fund

Why does Rochambeau need Fundraising?
As an independent school Rochambeau is a fully self-funded non-profit school. Tuition and other sources of revenue provide a financial anchor, but do not cover the full cost of the investments we make in our students and our community each year. As a non-profit school, gifts to Rochambeau are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

What is the Annual Fund?
Gifts made annually to support essential projects. This makes our school exceptional. These gifts help provide for the expenses that exceed the income from tuition alone. This includes investments in infrastructure and equipment of over $1 million annually. Parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, alumni and friends of Rochambeau all support the Annual Fund.

Does one gift really make a difference?
Every gift is important, no matter what the amount. Our goal is 100% parent and staff participation this year.  Broad-based annual participation plays a major role in encouraging corporate and grant-making institutions to support Rochambeau.

Annual Fund 2019-2020
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How does Rochambeau use gifts made to the Annual Fund?

From year to year, gifts received are directed to projects where funds are needed most and where the impact can be greatest. Some recent examples of projects funded by donations:

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: over $830,000 was awarded last year to over 10% of our students 
  • Science and Technology tools: expanded iPad program and classroom technologies, like new microscopes
  • Athletics programs and equipment: new climbing wall and team uniforms 
  • Reading and research: renovated library building and expanded offering of books and online research tools 
  • Professional development: investments in teacher training have a direct impact on the learning for every student

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What are the 2018-2019 goals?

We have two goals this year:

(1)Parent and Staff Participation: We aim to increase parent and staff participation in giving from 51% last year to 100% in 2018-2019. 

(2)Financial Goal: Our goal for the Annual Fund is $125,000, with additional revenue from corporate gifts and special events of $200,000. The total goal is therefore $325,000. Last year our total fundraising was just over $262,000.

Depending on our success in achieving these ambitious goals, the projects we could fund in the next year include:

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships 
  • New Soccer Goals for our clubs and athletics department 
  • Science and technology program materials for classrooms 
  • Visiting artists offering student workshops in music and theater
  • Professional development for teachers and staff 
  • Expanded library and online research tools

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