Lunch Options at Rochambeau

Lunch Information for 2020-2021 coming soon

As we all know, lunchtime is a very important time of the day for our children! There are different options for our students here in Rochambeau, and we especially thank the Rochambeau Parents’ Association (PAR) for their work in developing several external partnerships to this end.

  • Lunch box: Each student can bring a lunch from home every day of the week. Please remember that our campuses are "nut-free" and therefore lunches and snacks should not contain nuts or nut products.
  • Lunch deliveries to school: For students at our Rollingwood and Forest campuses, a lunch delivery service is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Home delivery: Families may select home delivery options for prepared lunches. Delivery areas across the DC, MD, VA areas.

Our Lunch Partners