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At the students’ initiative, Rochambeau offers students the opportunity to create and manage their own associations, with the support of the Vie Scolaire staff.

A Rochambeau’s club is made up of students, from middle and/or high school, and an adult referent, a Rochambeau staff member. Each club carries a project, validated by Mrs. Katuala, and carries it out throughout the life of the club. The number of students invested in each club varies and depends on its needs. 

This program has existed for several years in Rochambeau and lists various clubs. Interested and motivated students have the opportunity to participate in an existing club; to take over a club (which was left vacant because the students from last year were unable to organize campaigns to take over the existing club); or to propose a new club project.  

Creating a club or becoming an active member is a great way to socialize, get involved in a new hobby, better understand a field of study, explore new cultures and have a positive impact on the community!

Join the Rochambeau associations!

How do I join an existing Rochambeau association?

The easiest way to join is to attend one of their meetings. The groups are meeting virtually this year until they go back to school in person.

How to create an association at Rochambeau?

  1. Present a project 
  2. Have a Rochambeau staff adult sponsor/supervisor
  3. Complete this document and return it to Mrs. Katuala at the following address Katualac@rochambeau.org
 Why get involved in an association?

1- First of all, associations serve to unite students around a cause that is close to their hearts. This allows motivated students to build a project, to meet other students who share the same interests, to unite a group to raise awareness among others and to promote socialization within Rochambeau.

2- Secondly, clubs provide a new perspective on an activity or a cause, which is still unknown. If you are in a humanitarian aid club, for example, you will be able to see the world from a different perspective, taking into account the things you will discover and adapt the message you want to convey, in order to raise awareness among your comrades. 

3- Then, clubs make it possible to surpass ourselves through the involvement that they require. To achieve and attain the goals, you will need to develop skills such as adaptability, determination and teamwork. Developing your “soft skills” is extremely useful for your studies and your professional life.

4- Finally, it gives you the opportunity to have an exceptional experience while being beneficial for your applications in higher education. Whatever the country, universities are more and more fond of extra-curricular experiences. They are what will differentiate you from other candidates. Also note that in the United States, some universities expect a minimum number of hours of involvement in an activity called "SSL" (Student Service Learning). So get started!

You will have the opportunity to do what you love and share this feeling with others :-)

Please contact Cathy Katuala, Vie Scolaire, for registration details and more information.

Cathy Katuala

Attachée à l'éducation - Vie Scolaire Lycée + 3e, Assistant Education Counselor - High School + 9th G

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