Lunch Options at Rochambeau

As we all know, lunchtime is a very important time of the day for our children! There is now a lunch option for our students here in Rochambeau thanks to the work the Rochambeau Parents’ Association (PAR) developing external partnerships.

  • Lunch box: Each student can bring a lunch from home every day of the week. Please remember that our campuses are "nut-free" and therefore lunches and snacks should not contain nuts or nut products.


  • Lunch program in partnership with Balducci's, a high-quality catering company located in Bethesda.  The school will offer parents the opportunity to purchase prepared lunch for on the Maplewood and Forest Road students in grades CP/1st - Term/12th.  A minimum number of participants per campus is required for this lunch program to be offered. 
  • Trimester 3: March 4, 2024 - June 13, 2024


Lunch program