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School Counseling

Our School Counseling department at Rochambeau is dedicated to providing social and emotional support to students so that they can feel a sense of belonging in the school environment.

This help can be provided through individual counseling, group counseling, social-emotional classroom lessons, and school-wide intervention.

The school counselors are here for all students. Our department also collaborates with families, teachers and outside professionals in order to support students

School counseling is not the same as therapy and does not replace therapy. If a student works with an external therapist, the school counselors are happy to collaborate with that specialist with parent/guardian authorization.

We strive to help families and teachers to better understand students by also providing specialized training, workshops and relevant social-emotional material.


Read our School Counseling Handbook

First page of the PDF file: ENRochambeauSchoolCounselingHandbook

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All school counselors follow a rule called “confidentiality.”

This means that what a student shares with the counselor remains private, with a few exceptions:

  1. If a student has given permission to tell a particular person (e.g. “Could you help me talk to my teacher about it?")
  2. If someone is getting hurt or is in danger (e.g. abuse, thoughts of harming self or others, etc.)
  3. If the counselor is subpoenaed by a court of law

Meet our Counseling Team


Alexis Thompson

Alexis Thompson

School Counselor for Primary
Primary, Maplewood Campus

Primaire (TPS au CM2) | Primary (Pre-K to 5th Grade)

Dipti Shadadpuri

Dipti Shadadpuri

School Counselor for Secondary
Secondary, Forest Road Campus

Secondaire (6ème à Tle) | Secondary (6th to 12th grades)

Counseling Services