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The generosity and hard work of those who came before us have helped Rochambeau to flourish and grow into one of the nation's premier bilingual university prep schools. To achieve such results, the school depends on the philanthropic support of its community - parents, grandparents, alumni, teachers, staff and friends - who believe an investment in our school is a worthy commitment!

As a not-for-profit organization, philanthropic support allows Rochambeau to attract and retain outstanding teachers, to invest in new academic programs and projects, to make it accessible to a diverse student population, to maintain and improve our facilities, and, most importantly, to enrich the educational experiences of our students.

We are counting on your support and are here to help you find the best way for you to get involved. Please contact the Communications and Marketing Office with any questions or to discuss how you can contribute to a great cause, our student's education. We look forward to hearing from you!

Rochambeau's Nonprofit tax ID number is: 

Thank you !

I give to Rochambeau because I want to give my children the world.

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DNB 2024 : BRAVO!

Nous félicitons nos élèves de 3e pour leurs résultats remarquables aux examens du Diplôme National du Brevet 2024. Bravo !

We congratulate our Rochambeau 9th graders for their extraordinary effort and truly remarkable results on the DNB exams 2024. Bravo!

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