A new Learning Hub for Primary School Grades

For decades, Rochambeau, the French International School, has occupied three different campuses, spread over several miles. This organization presented a unique set of challenges including coordination, shared resources and transportation.  After years of actively seeking opportunities to build a more cohesive and efficient set of campuses, the Board of Trustees has announced that, after consultation with many in the school community, Rochambeau has embarked on a project to acquire a property in Bethesda where we will be able to develop a New Campus.

A beautiful building in bricks
The New Campus will bring together the Preschool and Elementary students on a fully secured 11-acre campus providing the school with the infrastructure and opportunity to develop state-of-the-art facilities, expand educational programing and school capacity and increase efficiency for all at a location close to major transit routes and the current upper school campus on Forest Road.

This project is a significant step forward for the school and reinforces Rochambeau’s commitment to provide a superior education experience for every student.
By acquiring and renovating this property, Rochambeau will:

  • Bring Preschool and Elementary students, along with school Administrators, together on the same campus;

  • Improve and expand Rochambeau’s academic, athletic and support facilities;

  • Bring the entire community closer, in all senses;

  • Increase efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality of life for students, teachers and families;

  • Expand upper school programming options at Forest Road campus due to reallocation of classes and offices to New Campus;

  • Increase the number of students we can serve, while maintaining small class sizes and unique character and academic excellence; and

  • Set the school on stronger footing moving forward.