Classrooms designed for world-class instruction

  • open classrooms & small class size
  • flexible classroom spaces for individual, small group, and whole class instruction
  • pedagogically integrated technologies and science lab
  • library of multilingual print and electronic resources
  • recreation space for play and relaxation, including quiet nap space for very young students
  • collaborative work spaces for faculty development

Expanded extra-curricular programs

  • expanded campus hours
  • before school supervision and care
  • afterschool clubs and activities
  • instruction in art, sports, language acquisition, and academic support

Sports and recreation facilities for student development and well-being 

  • turf field for soccer and other sports
  • hard-surface play areas
  • covered areas for outdoor play
  • playground structures to safely challenge ages 2 through 12

Student health center within secure campus environment

  • health center including private care areas
  • access-controlled, gated campus
  • regular monitoring of indoor and outdoor spaces

Regional center for Intercultural Learning and Language Exchange 

  • conferences
  • venue space
  • library
  • special events

Expanded academic offerings

  • English instruction for non-native English language learners
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Immersion program for French language learners

MEET the growing demand for multilingual and multicultural education

  • increased enrollment opportunities
  • greater number of classes for each grade level